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If you are planning to set your career as event planner into event industry, it is essential to analyse the pros and cons / advantages and disadvantages of being an event planner. This will give you a clear idea if you are eligible to opt this field or not. 

Today event planning is one of the highest rated careers among all other industries. Everyone is a planner and manager on their own.  You might have also planned and smoothly executed some of the events in your life, right? 

Pros and Cons of event planner

Career is the foremost priority in anyone's life. When you chose your career into any industry, it is very essential to consider both positive and negative aspects of that industry and the job role you may opt. 

If you’re considering a career as an event planner, you may be weighing up the pros and cons. You’ve probably been thinking “is event planning right for me?”, “should I become an event planner?” or even “what’s it really like being an event planner?” Also study what is event management and who are event managers

There are lots of things to take into consideration while opting any career and also it is important to invest your time in researching fully about it before committing yourself on the journey of that profession. 

And when you choose your career in event management as event planner then study it wisely before stepping into this event ocean. It will be great and helpful if you carry out your own SWOT analysis i.e., S- strength, W-weakness, O-opportunity and T- threats regarding this event interests. This is one of the prominent and important tools in management studies. 

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You can also go through the PESTLE analysis i.e., P- political, E- economical, S- social, T- technological, L- legal and E- environment aspects of event industry. 

It’s important to remember that what might be a con to someone else might actually be a huge pro to you, and as everyone’s circumstances are different, this is just a guide to help you decide if the role of an events planner is the right move for you. So, with all that said, let’s jump right in!

It is a fact that every coin has two sides- positive and negative and this field is no exception to it.


     1-    Flexibility of working hours
pros and cons of event planner

Anyone who doesn’t like 9 to 6 job has a great opportunity to work in this profession. This profession allows you to work at flexi hours.

     2-    Travel

Events are going across the globe. Someone who is fond of and loves travelling can find his career in this event management. There can be frequent travel, regular travel or the rare travel. All depends on company’s work profile & which department you work into.

     3-    Expertise

There are varieties of event like corporate, social, weddings, concerts, sponsored etc where you can find your scope and interest level. While working in some event companies for 4-5 years, one can gain more expertise in a particular type of event.

     4-    Future prospects

It is possible that while working in some event companies for several years, you can have the opportunity to start your own business. All depends on how much you have gained knowledge and expertise there. You can have tie-ups, monopolies, partnerships with other vendors too.

5-    All-round experience

While working for any event from scratch, it is certain to get knowledge of various fields like sound, light, technology, artists, d├ęcor, design, catering etc. thus an event planner has 360 view of experience.  

This helps them to learn new things and fortunately can turn that into their new businesses too.

6-    Networking
Pros and cons of event planner

Networking plays a crucial role in the expansion of businesses. While working in event industry, an event planner can easily build his network to gift some more clients to his company. 

It is believed that one happy client can get 10 more clients for 
the event company.

     7-    It’s fun

Usually any person who has been doing his event planning job enjoys his work. Despite of having so much stress and tiredness, they just love to be in their profession. It is preferable that making career in your passionate industry is always fruitful to you in longer run.

     8-    Flexible job

You can get a multiple option to start a job in event industry being an event planner. Here you can work in a permanent job, part time job, freelancer, project base etc. This also helps to boost their passion if they don’t want a permanent job in this industry. 


1-    No fixed job hours

If anyone thinks of 9 to 6 job in event industry, sorry but there is no scope of working in limited hours here. No matter what the gender is, but they have to be adaptable to work in flexible hours. This can be 18-20 hours a day or 2-3 hours a day. All depends on the season of events.

     2-    No permanent job
pros and cons of event planner

If you are working as freelancer, part time or project base, then this industry can be difficult for you to survive on. Main drawback of being an event planner is getting seasonal works. 

If you have a startup company in event or you are yet not established, then it can be a serious problem for you and your team because of less work at non-seasonal period of the year.

     3-    Seasonal business

Seasonal businesses always come with a threat of unemployment for specific time duration. If you have a very good networking and have a great portfolio of every type of events, then this barrier is not for you. 

But there are many event companies getting affected during non-seasonal time.

     4-    Stressful job

Event management is considered as one of the top stressful jobs by many reports. This stress can lead to distraction and the chances of occurring error rises. 

Many people leave job in event industry even after working for 5-7 years, because after a certain extent, you get frustrated by your work. Thus it is better to choose your career wisely.

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     5-    Travelling

Those who don’t like to travel or their body doesn’t allow them to take stress of regular traveling or for people having motion sickness, event planning can be a great drawback to your career. 

Travelling is an essential or prerequisite to be an event planner. You have to be habituate to travel frequently. It’s like your resume should specify in hobby as “love to travel” or else lose your job.

     6-    Dispute with team

If you are not a type of person who believes in team working or you not habituate of working in group, then unfortunately you have to face many disputes with your agencies, vendors, suppliers and event team. This will surely affect the smooth execution of your events.

     7-    Competition
pros and cons of event planners

Event industry is facing a lot of competition today. You have to be up-to-date with current trend in order to tact your position into market. 

Every now and then, new event company is making their place into this event market which this can put your job in danger.

     8-    Budget restriction

Event planners have to work within client’s budget. Imagine if someone asks you to sell your gold at a price of silver. Sounds distressing right? Just think how event planners have to make up their mind to deal with some clients like this.

This is totally frustrating but they have no option. One annoyed clients can make us lose the next 10 clients. 

Some FAQ's

Q- What are the benefits of being an event planner

There are many benefits of being an event planner like: all round experience, travelling, flexible working hours and jobs, networking, expertise, future prospects etc. 
All this benefits you can study in detail in above article.

Q- Is being an event planner worth it?

Yes, being an event planner is worthy if you have required skills and dedication. This profession can give you a good future prospects if you work hard. This career is full of passion and passionate people.
(To know the skills you can read this article:  Top 10 skills of event planner)

Q- Is Event Planning a good career?

With the increasing trend of event demand we can say event planning is a good career, on contrary looking into the competition and seasonal job, event planning may not be your course of career if you don't have patience.

So this article provided you with the brief detail of advantages/pros and disadvantages/cons of event planner. Analyse this effectively and then choose whether you eligible yourself into this event industry or not. 

Feel free to comment anything you want to add in this concept :)
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