What is Event Management ? Learn roles of event planner.

Learn the concept of event management for free. This article will provide you detailed concept of what is event management and what are the roles of event planner.

In today's world, everyone wants to celebrate their occasions. Past some year, the trend of socializing and celebration have been increased tremendously. Because of busy schedule and not having the time to manage their own events, people are hiring event management companies to plan and execute their dream events.


What is event management and who are event managers

In a layman’s term, Event is “something that happens which is important or unusual”. Likewise, meaning of event in event industry is "gathering of people at some place, for some purpose". The purpose can be celebration, learning, sports, religious, reunion, marketing etc.  Every event differs in their size, investment, place, people and context.

Remember, you may have attended many weddings, meetings, inaugurations, parties, workshops, trade fairs etc., what are all these? So there you go to understand what event is all about?  

Everyone in their life have attended at least one of these events or rather I would like to say, in this era people attends one or more events a day because every corner of world, every activity of people are now a part of event.

Here events are carried out with the motive of awareness, for profits and sometimes for enjoying certain occasions. Thus event is a huge term in itself.

As event is now not a new term in this 21st century but still today people are confused with what is event management and who are event managers? So why does it happen? Many event managers & their vendors frequently have this discussion as to why their clients, friends & relatives are not being able to understand what their job profile is, or what are their roles and responsibilities. 

It is just because event management has diverse set of job titles, work profile and also involved in various types of events.

So let’s move forward to know the concept of  two broad terms.

Now the question comes as to what is event management?

Here in simple definition, event management is a process of planning an event. But what type of planning and for which type of event?  Isn’t that a great question? So if we look at it with a broader term, it is a process of combination and proper arrangement of various essential elements to be provided to clients at a right time, at a right place. 

These are backed with various processes such as visualizing client’s demand, planning, organizing, budgeting, finding alternatives, comparing and executing smoothly.

Here the combination and arrangement of elements includes a diverse set of client’s expectations, materials, manpower, uniqueness, flexibility and other such aspects. Have you ever came across situations like, when someone asks you “what do you do”, and if you reply as “Event Management”, you most likely will receive follow-up questions regarding what exactly that means. 

Being in event management profession, it is necessary for event companies to understand the desire and dream of their client and accordingly show the correct direction to fulfill that dream events. Thus for this it is mandatory for event companies to regularly update themselves about current trends in market and also to propagate unique ideas.

Being working in event industry, you might be asked if you're a party planner or a meeting planner. In the event planning profession, the job titles are as diverse and numerous as the services offered to the clients, and it can often be difficult to describe and differentiate one from the other. 

It can be challenging when preparing an event planning portfolio, looking for work, or at times, working with a client who does not have the correct understanding of your job function and responsibilities. There are various types of events which are categorized as per their context and purpose. 

It can start from a baby shower to baby welcoming, from engagement to the farewell of the bride, from company inauguration to the company’s 100th year celebration, from birth place to the graveyard, from a local singer to the mega concerts, from small birthday treat to the grand party, thus now people has developed tendency to integrate event industry all over their work and celebrations.  

IMAGE is a key word today. People spends huge amount on events even to keep their head high. It is very important for event management companies to specify types of events as their specialty in their websites or business portfolio. This will help clients to get the best out of those event companies. Also you will be amazed to know the history, size & growth of event industry.

Now you may be curious to know, who are event managers?

If you've ever attended a wedding, birthday party, corporate event and marveled at how successful the event was, chances are the occasion was the work of an event managers/planners. 

Yes, event manager is a post of a great responsibility. It is a clubbed with hundreds of services & ideas to plan, to arrange & to get executed by all the agencies at right time and at right place. The main job of event managers is to satisfy clients with their services. And yes, only happy clients can pay off the fully to event companies.

Just managing things and earning high lot profits by event managers is just a myth !!!
Event managers are called to be born with qualities and skills (see this article to know more about the skills of event manager and future scope) like risk management, time management, communication skills, smart work, team building, leadership skills, extrovert, designers, crisis management and any more….

It is truth that event managers works out of their comfort zones like they have to sacrifice their sleep, food, quality time with near and dear ones, their own family occasions etc.

There is no time limit for event managers as their services are called to be 24*7 and one of the toughest services across all fields. Thus event managers have had to be flexible in their working hours. 

But what can be called as a credentials to all event managers are that they have explored 360 degree of life experience because event includes all field basic to pro knowledge like production, designing, internet surfing, science, medical, retailing, food & beverages, artist, travelling and any more…
So event managers are not just managers ….!!!

There is hell lot of things involved with these two words as “EVENT MANAGER”. Also it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

It is considered that event managers have to be mentally & physically strong with the situations and for financial aspects they have to be a guy who can do the best to fit their client’s budget into their dream event.

No one is gonna tell you about this bitter truth when you express your dream to become an event manager.  All this comes with experience and exploration. 

If anyone willing to enter into event industry as an event manager then it is also very essential to properly study the future scope and jobs of event manager.

Now let’s catch on some roles of event managers…
All these roles are specified during the pre-event checklist and it is assigned to the right people:

  1. Selecting the venues and reserving.
  2. Coordinating with various vendors inside and outside of venues.
  3. Engaging speakers or entertainment to keep hold on audience or guests.
  4. Arranging for logistics of manpower, materials and guests.
  5. Obtaining necessary permits and appropriate insurance during pre-events checklist with officials.
  6. Compliance with health and safety standards for event team, guests and vendors.
  7. Developing emergency contingency plans.
  8. Crisis and situation management at the event is essential.
  9. Designing a security plan.
  10. Monitoring of the event.
  11. Follow up with the clients and vendors.
Also the roles of event managers are classified as per the different types of events. 

Some FAQ's

Q- What is Event Management Meaning?

In simple words, event management is as process of planning, organising, evaluation, budgeting, arrangements and combinations of various materials, manpower, ideas etc to successfully plan any type of events. 

Q- What skills are required for event management?

Top 10 skills are as below:
Flexibility, Negotiation, Time management, Communication skills, Critical thinking, Customer relationship, Teamwork, Creative mind, Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, Good networking skills 
(To read the full article in detail also see : Top 10 skills of event managers)

Q- What is the function of event management

There are some management functions of event management such as 
1- Planning: It is a process or function where an event manager/ event planner aims to organise any event. It includes meeting with clients, presentation, ideas, approval etc. It is an initial process in event management, 
2- Organising:  After meeting and idea approval, time comes for organising and arranging the same. 
3- Staffing: Event management is not a one man army game. it reuire a hard and mat work of whole team and workforce. s it is necessary to properly recruit and select your event workforce. 
4- Directing: It is an important task for event planner or manager to direct workforce and agencies to work according to the client's meeting.
5- Controlling: Control prevents the wastage of manpower or resource. Likewise every businesses, event manager have to control the wastage of all types of resources in order to control the costs, materials, man-hours etc. 

Q- What are the roles of event planner.

There are major 11 roles of an event manager. 
See the above article to know the roles of event managers in details.

This article provides you a detail knowledge about what is event management and who are event managers. Apart from this, you also get to know what are the roles of event planner. We have some more articles on event management concepts so just go through it. 

So guys what you think about event management tell me in the comment box :)



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