Future scope of event management | Learn top 10 skills of event manager

Know the future scope of event management and learn top 10 skills of event manager. In order to pursue the career in event industry and to become successful event manager , this article will help you.

Celebrations and occasions are an important and integral part of human life. One or other day, there are some events going through every corner of the globe. Some can be weddings, exhibitions, concerts, fairs, parties etc. 

So have you ever appointed any event management company for your family or business events? If yes, then you might be having a good idea about how event companies works and if no, then no worries- just get back to your seat and go through this whole article.

As there are millions of job profiles in thousands of businesses and if you choose yourself to be great event planner then you might have some guts to keep yourself into a creative & management world. 

Really!!!! Event industry is far different from any other businesses or management jobs. It provides an opportunity for unleashing one’s creative potential to a very high degree. It demands a lot of hard work and effort but at the same time offers enormous scope.

Now what is event management and who event managers are? A big question for those who have never came across with those people. It is 21th century and still people are not much aware of this industry just because they are somewhat not clear with the job profile of event workforce. 

If you are planning to be a part of this industry, it is very essential to analyze the future scope and skills of event managers.

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Before one decade event management was not so popular to have a great scope to work in. That time people used to arrange and execute their family and business events by themselves. 

Also the event companies were not involved in marketing and promotional process to stay intact in market. There were hardly any requirements for event companies that too for mega events or some corporate events like fashion show, sports tournaments, concerts etc. 

There was not much competition among event companies. We have also observed our family occasions like wedding or birthday parties to be totally managed by our elders and guardians. 

There were no involvement of event managers as our elders used to deal with all vendors like decorator, sound, light, artist, caterer, fabrication, logistics etc. So that time the scope of event management was not broad to rely on only that income source. 

No doubt some companies were enjoying the fruits from big or regular clients.


This is 21st century and people run behind their materialistic things. In order to get those things, they work day & night. So obviously how they can get sufficient time to plan & organize events by themselves. 

Now they want ease of doing the event rather than getting involved in every aspect of it. They can spend some bucks to get the things done. So event management is the best example of getting the things done & here the client has to just spend money and watch things getting done smoothly.

So comparing today with past scope, we can find today a good scope of event management companies.

There are various types of events that you can add as expertise in your business profile. This definitely gives you a bonus point in-front of clients. You can get an ample offers and enormous scope to work into event team. 

There is diverse scope of job titles; it’s not just working on-field. SO IT LOOKS GREAT!!

Looking into the glamour and glitter of event industry, today everyone thinks that being an event manager is their cup of tea and so industry is facing tremendous increase in event companies and freelancers down the earth. 

This can affect the goodwill of this powerful industry just like, how one rotten food in whole basket can spoil the taste of other foods. This way one bad management company can spoil the name of event industry. Here is the list of all the job titles in event management companies. 


Whether it’s a big or small events, today people knows the benefit of hiring event management companies. Looking forward to work for more 50 years into this industry sounds interesting. But yes this industry only accepts the hard workers and dedicated ones. 

If you have the capacity to work in flexible working hours, to compromise with food and sleep, having patience, communication skills then you can go much ahead into this industry. As talking about future is always just a prediction of things that may or may not happen. 

Analyzing today’s demand and awareness, it can be said that with more technological world in future and more dynamics in services industries, scope of event management is pretty good.

But but but…..what about the competition that is increasing massively day by day? We can find now event companies and managers every lane of cities or town. 

If there won’t be any restriction or license game into establishing event companies, then it may happen that one day, event companies will be more than the total clients across nation. I know it sounds rubbish, but it’s a bitter truth! Nothing bad than this can happen to this industry. 
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1- Flexibility 

Flexibility is a crucial skill. Event managers need to be flexible in working hours, food, sleep, location & with their team. Also flexibility is essential when organizing and executing the events because it is obvious in event industry to meet last minute changes.

2- Negotiation

Negotiation helps to gets at a mutual decision with clients. It is considered as one of the prior skill for any business. Thus negotiation skill is essential to be an event manager. Negotiation helps to sell our product and services to the clients at a reasonable rate to earn good profit.

3- Time management 

Client always expects to get their work done on time. Timely work always opens up a bonus point to get client’s appreciation. And event management’s one of the rule is - One happy client can get next 10 clients for the company.

4- Communication skills

Marketing has now become an integral part of any businesses. Event management is all about marketing and promoting client’s occasions. Marketing in all, requires a good communication skills to deal with various clients, vendors, suppliers and to the audience.

5- Critical thinking

Critical thinking and problem solving are abilities that are a must in this field. You should be able to acknowledge a problem, recognize that it has to be solved then and there, and always think on how the situation could be avoided in future.

6- Customer relationship

Client/customer service orientation is an ability to be client focused and committed towards meeting the needs of your customer. An event manager has to be client focused, he must attempt to know the client’s needs, he must be able to put them at ease while interacting with them, build trust with customers and clients.

7- Teamwork

Every event company has some team to plan and execute events. It includes the vendors, suppliers, freelancers, permanent staffs etc. thus it is necessary to coordinate every team member for smooth execution.

8- Creative mind

Creativity is an integral part of event planning. Today every client needs something out of the box for their guest, thus regularly updating yourself and thinking something extraordinary is must.

9- Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

An event manager should be able to handle pressures and deadlines at ease. In spite of meticulous planning and arrangement, a small error or miscalculation can disrupt the entire schedule. At such testing times, you should be able to remain calm and cool and perform your role as though everything is under control, so that others are not adversely affected.

10- Good networking skills

An event manager needs to build up his own network. Today networking is a new key to get success. The more you have your networking, the more you have chances to get success. Any kind of business can be only expanded through contacts and you must therefore have the skill and aptitude to go out and talk to people.

Some FAQ's

Q- What are the career opportunities in event management?

There are many career opportunities in event management. Its all depends on you what are your skills and interest areas. Company's internal Careers like Event planner, manager, co-ordinator, designer, Freelancer, director etc and external careers like Vendors, agencies, suppliers, artists etc. 

(You can read External careers of event management in detail here)

Q- Is Event management is having a good future?

Definitely, looking into the increase  in trend of hiring event management companies for variety of events, we can say that event career have a good future. 

Q- Which course is best for event management?

There are some courses provided by event institutes like: BBA in event management, MBA in event management, Diploma in event management and PR, PGDM in event management.

It is very important for a person to be passionate about event management. This is the only key success for a good event manager. This article  was meant to provide you the basic knowledge about the future scope of event management and top 10 skills of event managers.

So guys which skills you have to plan and execute any events, tell me in the comment box :) 
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