15 types of event vendors | 100% guideline for vendors list in event management

Event requires many types of vendors to successfully manage works. Know top 15 types of event vendors and what they do. Every event vendors have their own speciality in product and services.

Event is not a game of one man army. Definitely it requires a good team to smoothly execute any of the events. It has internal and external teams. Internal team is the staff or workforce of any event management company whereas external team are the vendors, suppliers and other agencies who helps to provide the right material and right services at right time.

15 types of event vendors | Infini event

Internal team includes the people working permanently or temporarily at back office or does on-field work. 

They manage the external team. On the other hand, external team follows up with the internal team to get the right orders and details for the events. Both team works parallely.

This team is an important part for any event company’s success. Many people consider this external team as just a vendor and not as an integral part of their business. This is not correct! 

Every vendor has their own importance according to their product and services. Company may have the different vendors for the same product or services.

Event management companies can have their own permanent external team or can do tie-ups with the vendors on contract basis. Having own external team requires huge investments and maintenance. 

Every company can’t afford this, so only established company can have their own products and services to satisfy their clients. On the contrary, other companies can have permanent vendors and can achieve monopoly in terms of rates and services and thus can enjoy a good amount of return. 

Also changing vendors frequently or regularly can put your company into danger. This can be a blunder for you and your company which can be reflected into your overall business.

We have already discussed briefly on internal teams of event companies in our other article.


1- Decorator

Decorator provides you with all the fancy and decorative materials. This includes several type of décor depending on type of events. No event is completed without the help of decorator. Decoration can even turn a barren place into a beautiful garden.

Example: balloon, paper props, truss & pipe, fancy clothes, customized decorator, wooden & metal props etc

2- Audio-visual

Audio –visual vendors provides the light and sound systems to the event field. They ensure the best quality products and services. Audio-visual elements are the prominent factor that can either make guests dance on the floor or can force them to leave the venue. 

It is very important to make sure the best quality of delivered products and technical engineers.

Example: Audio-Video engineer, VJ, DJ, light, sound, speakers etc.

3- Caterer

Who don’t love to try varieties of food on events? Yes, Caterer plays a crucial role for foods& beverages of the guests and audience. It is believed that everything can be compromised on events (at extreme conditions) but not the food & taste. 

Client always makes sure that they have chosen the right caterer for their guests. '

Every caterer has their own specialty with food and presentation. Also it is important for caterer to maintain a feasibility of working from 50 guests to even 5000 or more guests.

Example: caterers having speciality in Punjabi, gujarati, Mexican, Italian, continental dishes etc and also they can be specialist in wedding, birthday party, concerts catering, etc

4- Artists

Artist and celebrity are the most entertaining factor for any guests. Artists can entertain a child of 3-4 years to an old age group of people. Thus entertainment has no age barrier. 

We have millions of artist across globe in different form of arts and client can book any local, national or international artist as per their need and budget.

Example: anchor, dancer, choreographers, singer, sand artist, clay artist, instrumental band, mimicry, magician, circus artist, caricature etc.

5- Fabricator

Generally fabricator is used for creating any unique and fancy design on wooden and metal. There are various vendors available in markets who can provide you the best design on various materials for your events. 

It’s just a step away to find them that suits well for your requirement.

Example: CNC & other cutting, punching, folding, welding, shearing etc.

6- Florist

15 type of vendors | Infini eventFlowers always add beauty to the décor. It spreads the message of simplicity and love. Guest always feels the awe-inspiring fragrance & a great charm all round the venue from various types of flowers.

Florist has a unique place in any of magnificent décor.

Example: flower props, flower ornaments, flower jewellery, floral décor etc.

7- Photographer

Dressing up good for any occasion is not memorable until you capture them as pictures to go through in future times. Without photographer you can’t make your memories more memorable. 

Today photographer provides the whole services of cinematography which completes the whole package of photo-video on your events.

Example: photo, video, drone, cinematography, pre-wedding shoots, product portfolio shoots, fashion shoots etc.

8- Logistics

In any events, there is a necessary to move materials, manpower and guests from one place to another. This comes under logistics head. It is mandatory that the logistics team should be prompt and active in order to make every logistic at right time and right place. 

Whether it is a wedding, concert, movie premier shows etc.

Example: wedding guest logistics, material logistics, outstation logistics etc.

9- Designer

Today is an era of unique and customized demands. For this demand, event companies have to hire some designers to create some exquisite design for their clients. 

A satisfied client can get an event company next 10 more clients so it is essential to hire an appropriate designer keeping client’s choice in mind. 

Example: wedding cards, couple logo, bride’s dress, stall designing, stage layout etc. 

10- Rental shops

Some vendor provides you artistic props and ideals on rent to add more glamour and magnificence to your events. Many design todays needs this type of products.

Example: brass, aluminium props, kitchen sets for décor, wooden props, vintage cars, vintage furniture etc.

11- Security

When it’s time for any concerts, exhibition, trade fair or royal weddings, security is must. 

This service can be availed from security companies.

Example: bouncers, fencing, security guards, personal guard etc.

12- Technical

Without power supply how can any event is possible. Before commencing any event it is required to setup the power supply and recheck all the connections at rehearsal time. This helps to prevent any uncertain disconnection, power cut, short circuit etc.

Example: generator, diesel, cables, wires, plug points etc.

13- Stationery & printer

Today importance of stationery is getting fade. Technology has changed the working style of many people. But still today some of the events need best stationery to add a marvelous look into their events.

Example: wedding stationeries, signage, cost sheets, doing paper work, office work, making client’s budget, quotation, official letters, permission etc

14- Permission

Usually corporate and public events requires permission to run light, sounds, even to book venues, to bring some artist, celebs etc. thus having a proper vendor who can provide sound is must.

Example: PPL License, IPRS License, Excise License etc.

15- Housekeeping

Keeping the event site clean & hygienic is must for any event. It is necessary to pre book housekeeping vendors for your site.

Example: party plot, banquet, lawn cleaning etc.

16- Fireworks

Firework adds enthusiasm to the on-going moment whether it is a wedding sangeet or baraat procession. It is grandly use for welcoming guest and to make some important announcements. Fireworks are a part of celebration. 

It is essential to add some fireworks into your events.

Example: cold pyro, confetti blast, crackers, paper ribbon blast, flower petal blast etc.

17- Valet parking 

Every logistics completes with proper valet parking. Finding the right place and right drivers are essential to prevent the venue chaos. It is a big responsibility. 

Today various hotels, resorts, properties of 2 star or above provides free valet parking facility as an addition facility to make an ease for their guests.

Example: skilled drivers, Valet cards, key cards, valet space etc required.

Apart from all this big vendors there are many small but an integral vendors without whom events are incomplete like fumigation, couple entry, hostess, welcoming girls, walkie-talkie supplier etc.

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Some FAQ's

Q- Where can I find event vendors?

If you are from non-event background, finding reliable vendor is crucial. You can go through the number of vendors from google search and ask for quotes. Get 3-4 quote for same services. 
Also word of mouth is important in these service. Ask your relatives and friends if they had these services in past and how's the experience and who was the vendor. 
If you are from event background, your event colleagues might have the sources of reliable event planners so ask them or you can get from other's events you manage and lastly google is the best source. 

Q- What are the different types of vendors?

Every event have their own required vendors. some of the common vendors are: decorator, audio-visual, florist, caterer, valet parking, designers, fireworks, photographer, housekeeping, choreographers, artists, security, fabricator etc. 

Q- How do you choose a vendor for an event?

While choosing vendors, some of the below mentioned steps has to be followed:
1- Get atleast 2-3 quotes of each services from different vendors.
2- Compare all quotes and don't just follow the rate cards.
3- Note about the quality, extra services, experience, reliability of that vendor.
4- If possible go to the warehouse of the vendor and inspect the quality of materials.
5-  Set a meeting with the vendor, discuss on your planning and aim of event.
6- Choose the one which suits you more. 

Q- What is vendor management skills?

Vendor management is an art. No business is complete without any vendors. Vendor management mean a process of identifying the right vendor list for your business or requirements, getting quotations, comparing rates, qualities, extra services, selecting the right vendor, setting up meetings, works on negotiation contracts, managing relationships and making clear payment terms. 

This article was helpful to provide a brief introduction about various types of vendors in event management. Before managing any event, it is necessary to understand about types of event vendors and their work. 

If you want to add something into this article drop your thoughts in the comment box :)
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