Hierarchy of event companies | Know top 6 job titles of event management.

While setting up your career in event industry and plans to take job in event companies, go through the job titles and hierarchy of event management companies. 

Here in this article we have mentioned top 6 hierarchy of event companies which will guide you the job roles and job titles that you may opt in future. 

Today everyone is aware about what event management is and who event planners are. Also there are numerous types of events, which make one event planner different from other. 

There has been avast variety of works involved in event management. Its starts from client’s presentation till the final execution and dismantling of the events. It is not possible for a single person to handle all the works and departments all alone.

Also event management involves numerous roles to perform during pre-event, at the time of event and post event. Thus the concept of organizational hierarchy comes into the picture. 

As every corporate & business has its own hierarchical structure likewise event industry also has its organizational structure. This structure depends on the size & the scale of organization’s work. 

The structure and the number of the employees in each hierarchy may vary according to the size of the company, but all in all, in the bigger companies, the hierarchical structure remains the same. 

Event Company has their internal and external teams. Internal teams are the workforce of the company whereas external teams are the vendors, suppliers and agencies of the company. 

External team of the event company has been briefly discussed in our other article. There are numerous levels in hierarchy of event management but the main positions have been described as below:

1- Event director

2- Event Planner

3- Client Service Event Manager

4- Event Manager

5- Event supervisor

6- Event Crew

Event director

This is the supreme position in any event management company. Person at this position is responsible to take all the final decisions. They are the founder of the company& responsible for their team’s work. 

It is their duty to examine the smooth execution of events. After-all his/her team work will decide about the goodwill of company. He is the person who builds his/her internal and external team giving various roles and responsibilities to them for execution of event. 

He is the person responsible for recruiting the right type of person for the right job.

Event planner

After event director, comes the position of event planner. They are responsible for arranging meeting with the clients and makes the presentation with the help of client service manager. 

It looks quite easy to be an event planner but this is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are hell lot of works to arrange and plan at a time. It’s not appropriate to define event manager as just a party planner. 

May be party planning is just 1% of what event planner’s job is all about. Event planner is supposed to have adequate skills to fit into that job. There are various skills for being an event planner

It starts with planning, organizing, controlling and coordinating. He formulates various departments to work under him like client service manager, event managers, supervisors etc. 

Mostly their work is to plan the event and to get it smoothly done by event manager. They are in constant touch with event managers and makes sure that everything goes perfect during events.

Client service manager

This position works parallel with event planners to arrange for various business meeting, preparing presentations&making out deals. It is the foremost responsibility of client service manager to get in regular touch with the clients and to take a follow up calls. 

Converting a cold lead to the hot lead through marketing and follow up is their niche work. They are professional with very good communication skills. Satisfying the customer’s queries come under their job duty for the benefit of the company.

These professionals team up with the sales staff and operational staff in order to improve the service level for the company.They are mostly involved in paper work rather than on-field work.

Event manager

Event manager works under event planner and client service manager. It is the duty of event manager to smoothly execute all the requirements and orders given by event planners.

These people coordinate everything from a small stationery work to the full decoration. This also includes catering, artist, light, sound, house-keeping, florist etc. Event manager assigns all this tasks to the different skilled people and regularly takes the follow up from all those departments. 

They work on-field rather than working at back office. Thus they manage everything just not on paper but in regards to all practical aspects.

Event Assistant / supervisor

Event assistants or supervisors as their name implies, provide their enormous assistance to the higher level event management officials in envisaging the event plans, conceiving and producing the events under the supervision of high event management officials. 

In short they are working in different department and mainly focuses on a particular tasks and work assigned by event manager. They have to report everything to their event manager. 

There are high chances of disputes between the vendors and supervisor so they have to be well skilled to maintain healthy relation with the vendors and suppliers. These professionals work effectively and efficiently as a part of the event management team.

Event crew

Event crew can be a permanent or a temporary staff. They can be a fresher to this industry or working as a free lancer. Basically Event Company hires event crew when there is a requirement of more event team than they have into their company. 

The main work of event crew is to handle the on-event management and make it sure that everything goes fluently. In any concert or grand wedding, the real ways occurs a crisis of managing thousands of crowd at a time; during that moment event crew becomes the best option for any event management companies. 

This crew can be from any event institute or working as a freelancer. They have to obey all the orders of given by their superiors. Generally they work under event supervisor.


While looking career into this event industry, it is very important to study the future scope of event management and to understand the advantage and disadvantage of event planner.

All the above were main positions and hierarchy levels of event companies. Apart from this there comes up many departmental managers like production manager, sound and light manager, operational manager, artist manager, venue manager, permission manager, designer, program manager, promotion & marketing manager, media manager, logistics manager, hospitality manager, decor manager, finance manager, sponsors manager etc. 

All these manager post falls between the event planner and event manager. They have to follow up with top level management.

There are various agencies involved in event management, to which all the event mangers have to coordinate, to make it a grand, successful and adorable events.

Some FAQ's

Q- What jobs are there in events?

There is a great job scope in event industry. Basically we can divide event jobs into two categories such as 

1- In event companies: such as event planner, client service manager, event manager, event supervisor, event assistance, event crew etc. You can also work for part time, full time or on project basis. Freelancers have great scope to work with event companies. 

2- In event agencies: such as decorator, sound, light, audio-visual, florist, housekeeping, valet parking etc. Thus they have a scope to work with any types of vendors, as per their skills and qualifications. 

(Also read: 15 types of event agencies/ vendors)

Q- What are the career opportunities in event management?

A career opportunity in event industry depends on your experience and skills. The more years of your experience, the more career opportunities you can grab. Some of the career opportunities in events can be:

  • Event planner
  • Designer
  • DJ, VJ
  • Photography
  • Decorator
  • Specialists in events like fashion shows, concerts, exhibitions, seminars, weddings, inaugrations etc.
  • Marketing and promotional manager.

Q- What kind of event planners are there?

Event planner works according to the type of events. there are some planners like 
  • Meeting planners
  • Executing planners
  • Specialist planners like wedding, conference, exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows etc.
  • Analyst planners
  • Marketing and promotional planners
  • Operational planners

Q- What are the responsibilities of Event Manager?

Event managers are tied with many roles and responsibilities such as;
  • Selecting the venues and reserving.
  • Coordinating with various vendors inside and outside of venues.
  • Engaging speakers or entertainment to keep hold on audience or guests.
  • Arranging for logistics of manpower, materials and guests.
  • Obtaining necessary permits and appropriate insurance during pre-events checklist with officials........(Read more on: Roles of event planners and what is event management)

The above article discussed briefly on the job titles in event management and hierarchy of event companies. All the event responsibilities and authorities are delegated as per above job position. 

It is necessary to select right person for the right job, at right time.

If you want to add something in the above article, let me know in the comment box :) 

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