What is wedding ? Know #10 Role of a wedding planner.

Wedding is a universal occasion. Every people in this world goes through beautiful stage of his/ her wedding day. If you are about to do wedding or if you want to become wedding planner, it is necessary to know first- what is wedding ? 

This article will elaborately discuss about what is wedding and some roles of a wedding planner.

What is wedding ?

Wedding is a great day in any couple’s life. Wedding is a ceremony where two people are united into a lifelong journey called marriage. 

This is a day for which people might be waiting since years. Couple needs a great potential to get into the marriage life because this wedding day comes up with great responsibilities.

On other side, wedding planners who are managing their wedding has to show their best skills to make couples feel excited and crazy about their marriage. 

We can say that wedding is a turning point for many couples. Every wedding varies according to culture, religion, state, country, ethnic group and social class.

Most of the wedding across globe includes sharing / exchanging marriage vows by a couple in the presence of family, relatives, friends and presentation of a gift to them. (offering, rings, symbolic item, flowers, money, dress).

Decades back, weddings were just a part of human life with not so much of emotions & entertainments. People use to manage whole wedding by themselves.

Mostly the guardians and elders were involved in managing everything right from engagement arrangements to printing invitation card to the bride’s farewell. Today wedding is all about Emotions, Entertainment and Excitements.

Every couple now wants their wedding day to be inclusive of these 3 (E) factors. Emotion carries parent’s love, their affection, care, makeup, dressing, couple entries, greetings, decoration etc. 

Entertainments in rituals like dance, music, games, fun etc and excitement for food, artist and hospitality among guests.

It is wedding planner’s skill to fill these factors into wedding day among family and guests. Without this what is the benefit of even hiring any wedding planner? 

Event planner has to show all their skills with perfection in order out carry out wedding successfully.

One successful wedding for wedding planners can get them more contracts in future. It is said in event terms as “One happy client can get you next 10 more clients”.

A wedding day includes lot many chaos and event planner has to manage all these chaos precisely and with care. Guests should not feel like ordinary wedding events they use to attend in 1980’s.

There is nothing left today where we can’t find emotions to be attached with. Every occasion and rituals are now getting trendier with their decoration, greetings, entertainments, blessings part etc.

Being a wedding planner, here you carry huge responsibilities of making someone happy with your presence of mind and work because it will leave all over the memories to hundreds and thousands of guests who attended your wedding events. 

But the most important part in any wedding is the couple’s choice and happiness.

It is foremost duty of wedding planner to design the wedding keeping the couple’s choice in mind. Wedding couple totally rely upon you for their very big day.

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Wedding planner has to be up-to-date with current trends and rituals of most of the caste, culture and religion. 

There are many common pre-wedding rituals and occasions internationally like 

- Engagement party, 

- Bridal showers, 

- Bachelor’s party, 

- Welcome party, 

- Rehearsal dinner 

while some occasions in India like 

- Haldi/Pithi, 

- Grah shanti, 

- Mehendi, 

- Ring ceremony/ Engagement, 

- Music and Dance night (Sangeet) and 

- finally the Wedding day and Reception in India

Don't worry we will discuss all these occasions in detail in our next articles. 

Now let’s talk about the spending pattern in any weddings

Usually the spending pattern on marriages has no boundary. It means a marriage can be carried out within INR 100-150 to the range of crores of rupees. It depends on the person how much he wants to spend on their wedding event.

The wedding event can be legalized through a single stamp paper in court and the same wedding event can be legalized through spending gigantic amount of money by planning a full fledged wedding event.

It is a belief that Indians spends a lot on marriages. This is a culture coming out from last many decades. 

A person saves money throughout their life to contribute as much they can in their family weddings.

Thus to manage over budgeting and to add up various exquisite elements into their wedding wish-list bucket, people hire wedding management companies.

Obviously wedding companies charge handsome amount but in return provides you with the reality of dream wedding.

Every country has their own mindset in terms of spending on a particular occasion and celebration. 

According to one report, Countries like India, U.S.A, Canada, Italy, Spain, U.K, France etc has the highest spending on wedding events with range of U.S $ 15,000 - 30,000 approximately

While countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia etc has lesser spending pattern on wedding events with range of U.S $ 3,000 - 10,000 approximately.

Space for weddings

Wedding has no boundary of being organized in a particular way or in specific space. It depends on your status and number of guest lists. 

May be someone’s house is enough for some rituals, or you may need a plot, resort, hotels etc for many purposes. Since few years, the craze of royal and destination weddings have been increased.

Thus the scope of wedding planners to work beyond their workplace has risen. Various destination places includes the favorite or dream places where the wedding couple or their family members want their wedding to be at.

Destination weddings includes resorts and hotels in places like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, Mussoorie, Kerala etc in India while Thailand, Bali, France, Maldives etc internationally.

On other hand royal weddings includes weddings at royal hotels, palaces, mansions etc. 

Most of the royal wedding gets royal touch with some heritage mansions or palaces like in City palace at Udaipur, Neemrana fort palace at Jaipur, Ummed Bhavan Palace at Jodhpur etc. 

Even the craze and excitement of NRI and foreigners to marry in Indian places have increased.

Don't worry we will discuss on the royal and destination weddings in next articles 

Some Extrass in wedding events

Who likes to watch the same shows & movies again and again? Obviously no one or may be in rarest case. 

In same way, thousands of weddings are happening across the globe in one year and every family is getting invitations from one or other relatives.

To make your wedding different from others, it is necessary to adopt some extrasss in your wedding bucket. 

Wedding planners can help you out to get those extras because it may sound difficult for a layman to find something that they have never seen before.

Every time even Google can’t get you out from some problems. You need some professionals for the same and that professionals are wedding planners.

There are some extra elements that you can add like pre-wedding shots, attractive center piece, bar, couple entries, wedding places, entertainment factors, after party, backdrops etc. 

All these will add glimpses to your wedding memories.

Now see how wedding companies can help you for your wedding plans

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Role of wedding planner 

Wedding companies have many professionals not only from event background but also from other necessary fields like research, marketing, designing, promotions, brand management, financial manager etc. 

An aggregate of these entire fields can create a marvelous and unique wedding management. Here some of the roles that a wedding company can play for you are:

     1-    They analyze your business and personal requirements in your wedding event. This helps to understand your background and mindset to inculcate in the wedding plans.   

     2-    Makes presentation about variety of options and keeps every family member’s choice and wish-lists in center.

     3-    Helps to get the best venues and vendors for your wedding by placing some best alternatives before you and comparing quotations.

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     4-    After selecting vendors, they set meetings with the vendors to have transparent business relations within all parties.

     5-    Approach for venue and vendor recce / visits to keep your trust and quality intact.

     6-    Provide you with the best elements for your event with the help of their designing and research team.

     7-    Client service manager keeps you in regular updates for what’s finalizing and what not.

     8-    Following up with the vendors and updating wedding checklist periodically.

     9-    Gets you the best negotiable rates from the vendors which you directly can’t manage to get.

     10-  Prepares a great team to successfully manage your wedding and makes happily ever moments for guests with their exclusive services.


Some FAQ’s

Do I really need a wedding planner?

Yes, if you planning to organize a great wedding of your own or your family member, you can definitely appoint any wedding company after verifying that company’s work profile and quality of services.

This will save your time, energy, money and most importantly wedding planner have the skills to turn an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary memories. You won’t regret on your decision.

Wedding planner makes it easy for the client or host to enjoy their wedding rituals and occasions leaving all the stress and work on their team. You can get negotiable rates on everything compared to direct market rates.

They provide with many exquisite options of guests welcoming, couple entries, backdrops, decorations, entertainment etc which will definitely help you.


Q- Can a wedding planner save you money?

Hiring any wedding planner is always a money and time saving decision. Wedding planners can get you the best negotiable rates on the elements you choose for your wedding whether it’s a decoration, artist, celebs, venue booking, catering etc.

Wedding planners have their skilled teams which works on the client’s budget and prepares the spreadsheet with all the checklist of events with best possible rates. 

These planners carry the alternate vendors who can fit their rates into client’s budget.

Thus we can say that hiring a wedding planner can save your money.

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Q- What does a wedding planner cost?

Wedding planners charges according to their experience and work profile. Charges vary according to the demand of client and size of work. 

If it is full-fledged wedding management, the charges will be different then hiring for particular occasions.

Basically wedding planner charges between INR 25,000 – INR 50,000 for per day management and approximately INR 3,00,000 – 5,00,000 for whole wedding services. 

But at-last it’s not fixed charges, every planner demands as per their own defined criteria. 

I hope the above article helped you to understand what is wedding and what are the role of wedding planner. 

If you want to add anything in this article, feel free to drop your thoughts in comment box :)

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