How to organize wedding event | Know 15 elements to organize best weddings.

Organizing any event is an art. Also understanding what is event and who are event managers, is crucial. 

It requires some skills and understanding of essential elements to execute those events. In order to know how to organize wedding event, we came up here with the best article for you.

This article will show you some 15 basic elements without which any wedding is not possible. These are the bare minimum requirements which can make any ordinary wedding, a great celebration.

How to organize wedding event 

(Before going to read this, also see what is wedding and what are the roles of wedding planner)

1- Set a flexible budget

It is difficult in any wedding to maintain the expected budget. There are many uncertain expenses which may occur and all of sudden can ruin your budget. Try to maintain your overall expenses by dividing the budget into various occasions. 

It depends on you how much you want to spend into any functions and parties. It means to decide on the budget for every occasion but keep it somewhat flexible like 10-20% margin to cut off or to expand in your budgets.

2- Beautiful Invitation

Wedding invitations are the first indicator about what type of event or party you are hosting. Let the people know about your wedding date. Without guests, wedding is incomplete. 

So don’t miss the opportunity of sending invitation cards and goodies to your guests. Today we can find a special couple’s logo into the invitation cards which adds a magnificent look into the ritual of inviting guests.

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3- Guest’s RSVP

Just sending an invitation card is not a complete process of wishing guests to be present at your events. 

RSVP helps to collect information and approach guests and to make them believe that their presence is most awaited and they are important part of couple’s wedding.

It includes the process of receiving guests detail regarding their presence on event day or not. Also it collects the arrival and departure details to give them best management services. 

Today various organizations work as an RSVP expert and providing services to the event companies.

4- Venue selection 

Before discussing on the entertainment and decoration part, it is necessary to find appropriate venues for particular rituals and occasions. 

For selecting venue first deal with the client’s budget, approximate guests list, amenities, hygiene place, hall rent, food rates etc.

Also have some alternate options of venues and present it to client. After analyzing through various parameters, select one venue and book with token amount. Venue selection involves selection of hotels, banquet halls, lawns etc.

5- Choose best Catering for guests

It is a belief that food is the most important part in any events and mainly in weddings. Good taste and presentable; foods and beverages, play an integral part to keep the guests happy and to receive their appreciation on your event management. 

While selecting caterer, always ask client to show their taste and preferences. It is always better to try the caterer’s food before giving booking them for your events.

6- Reliable astrologer

Every ritual is incomplete without an astrologer. Find a good, reliable astrologer before event and discuss on the various ritual dates. 

Ask astrologer to arrange and get all the ritual materials during events because it includes so many small-small materials and stuffs that a layman may forget to bring.

7- Choose marvelous decoration and floral work

Selecting a right d├ęcor is easier than selecting a right decorator for your wedding events. There are various type of vendors so it is necessary to select all vendors carefully. 

Also every decorator varies in their product and services quality. This perfection level can make or break the event.

Thus it is very necessary for event planner to visit the decorator warehouse and examine all the product qualities. 

Also you can reccy / visit their event sites whenever they have dumped their production materials before your events. This will give you the clear idea or either booking him or else decorator.

8- Hiring a pro Artist and celebs

Entertainment is now a trendy tool to make wedding more memorable for your guests and family members. Booking salon, singers, dance troupe, celebrities, anchors, comedians, mimicry, circus artist, caricature have now become part of many rituals.

This adds glamour and fun to the occasions. Being a wedding planner, ask clients if they wish to add this glamour into their wedding event and show some glimpses of your past events too.

9- Arrange for guest’s welcoming and logistics

Reaching your guest at right place at right time is crucial part for event management team. This chaos is being managed by logistics expert. 

It is essential to make your guests feel special when they enter your wedding place. Either make their special entry at airport or station or make a respectable entry at hotel or wedding venues.

Arrival and departure details of the guests can be collected through RSVP but it is not a small deal to manage their transportation either internal logistics or outstation. 

Hiring some cabs for all event days or for particular guest is client’s choice.

Logistic is one of the most expensive elements in some events. Logistics involves the booking of micro, Sedan, SUV cars, mini tempo, 17 to 56 seater buses, mini bus etc.

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10- Sparkling couple entries

Imagine a grand and beautiful entry in your wedding day. Everyone’s eye on just two people and that’s you and your partner. 

You are surrounded with lots of sparkling, glitters on one high couch and hundreds of cameras on you ;) If just imagination can give you wings to fly in your dreams than think what if it goes true.

Couple entry creates an outstanding memory to both the couple sand people watching them.  Get yourself prepare with different new e=couple entries with all possible options and with couple’s choice. 

Ask your vendors to create new entries concepts every season.

11- Adorable photography for memories

Choose a perfect backdrop and candid moments for beautiful wedding couple to capture and store those memories long lasting. 

Every face is not a photogenic and every photographer is not a great capturer. Keep this in mind before choosing cinematography team.

12- Technical support for smooth functions

With the usage of heavy or complicated sound, light, graphics, generators or any technologies, every event requires their technical experts known as engineer. 

These experts can be light engineer, sound engineer, electricians, video jockey, disc jockey etc. They have an exquisite role in any of the entertainment factor because no entertainment is possible without light, sound, screen etc.

13- Management team to manage chaos.

It is never a wrong decision to appoint event management teams. You can enjoy your occasions leaving all the stress and works onto the wedding teams. There are several event departments which help to smoothly execute any events.

14- Updated checklist

Follow up the checklist of your wedding events frequently. Keep all the vendors updated about orders. Keep your client updated about what’s happening in your wedding checklists. 

This will help to prevent miscommunication and hurdles that may arise due to negligence of checklists. 

15- Special goodies for guests

Many guests travels far to be a part in your wedding, thus it will be great to greet them with some car and room hampers like exquisite snacks, fruits, dry fruits juices etc. 

Firstly, this can cool down their hunger of midnights or if they have skipped any meal during your wedding. Secondly, they will feel adorable about the respect you show them with this minute detailing. 

So make a revised and final guest list to identify the number of hampers to get ready.

Some FAQ’s

Q-  What are the steps to planning a wedding?

There are some common steps of planning any weddings with covering all essential elements and making any ordinary wedding, a great celebration.

     1-    Determine your overall budget and divide budget as per occasion wise if possible.

     2-    Decide on the wedding dates

     3-    Design good invitation materials     

     4-    Book venue after analyzing alternate options

     5-    Select appropriate caterer

     6-    Define your guest list and their details like arrival and departure.

     7-    Prepare a wedding checklist      

     8-    Book decorator, florist, light, sound, photographer, videographer  etc.

     9-    Book artist like anchors, DJ, VJ, singer, dancer etc.

      10-  Update checklist before 1 month of wedding date and take follow up with all vendors and bookings.


Q- What should be kept in mind when planning a wedding?

Wedding is a one game shot. Obviously it can’t be rehears or retake. Make a wedding planning in such manner that each minute details have been paid attention to. 

Some points should be kept in mind while organizing or planning any wedding event like

      - Prepare a guest list and get confirmed details at-least 30 days before event date.

      -  Follow up with all bookings frequently.

      - Update your wedding checklist as per any changes. Keep this a priority because  one mistake or element left to update in list can cause a great blunder during wedding.

      - Make a visit or recce to the venue and decorator godown/ warehouse to check the quality.

      -  Ask caterer to arrange food taste for clients before booking, if the vendor is new.

      - Prepare a budget for each occasions or overall wedding.

     -  Get all the elements like decor, sound, light, artists and florist etc to be done by at-least 3 to 4 hours before any function. It helps to make changes if necessary.

Q- How can I make my wedding planning fun?

Today, everyone wants to make their events extra ordinary. The idea behind this is to differentiate their events from other. In order to add fun in your wedding planning, you can add elements like Games, dance, singing, competitions etc. 

Best examples of these can be hiring any artists like singers, choreographer, dance troupe, sand artists, instrumental band, DJ, anchors, game jockey, award night, sport competition between couple’ families etc.

All these elements are part of entertainment factors.

Q- How do you plan a simple wedding?

 A simple wedding means adding such an elements into wedding plan which are very ordinary for any wedding to take place.

      -  Make your guest list

      -  Hire any wedding planner

      -  Select on wedding dates

      -  Select venues, decorator, caterer, florist, light, sound and all vendors.

      - Make a wedding checklists

      - Follow up with all vendors

      -  Wait for the wedding day

      -  Get married


      The above article explained you very well about how to organize wedding event. All the necessary steps must be followed to enjoy blasting wedding celebrations and fun. 

     If you want to add any more necessary elements into these lists, then drop your thoughts into the comment box :)


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