Tips for planning a wedding | Top 15 elements to make grand wedding.

There is a difference between planning an ordinary wedding and a grand wedding. This difference is not because of spending more money on your wedding but just to inculcate some best ideas into any ordinary wedding. 

Your wedding is just one step away to be memorable and magnificent and that can be completed by appointing any good wedding planner. Wedding planners can give you some tips for planning a wedding. 

Obviously you can find it by yourself but a professional touch makes differences more. 

So here lets go through some fabulous tips for planning a wedding. 

Before moving toward tips of wedding events, let also understand what the wedding is actually about (click here to read)

1- Pre-wedding shots

Pre-wedding is a new craze of today’s couple. These shoot captures the pre- wedding memories of any couple. 

For this, some arrangements like pre-wedding couple dresses, cake, props, locations, story concept, photographers, cinematographers etc are needed. One can make pre-wedding shoots and also pre-wedding videos. 

Combining some beautiful images of pre-wedding shoots with some romantic songs adds glory to the viewers. 

These memories are long lasting. Also pre-wedding shoots can be one of the prior tips for planning a wedding.

2- Marvelous Centre piece

Imagine when you are having your meal on one centre table and your food is surrounded by beautiful centre-pieces of flowers, vintage props, lantern, glass vase or anything which can add a smile and fragrance to your inner peace. 

This will definitely make the person happy. Choose wisely about the centre-piece and discuss with your designer, caterer and client of your events because food and beverage is considered as one of the important elements in wedding.

3- Backdrop:

Backdrop signifies the beauty of any décor. It adds glory to the pictures of not only of couples but also for all the guests. 

Choose your backdrop keeping occasion and décor in mind. It should look like a perfect matching to your entire décor design. 

It is the “WOW” moment when the backdrop matches to the couple’s attire.

4- Midnight snacks:

Late night wedding and reception can cause boredom and increase the hunger among guests. I

n order to make them busy and not so sleepy, it is preferable to arrange some mid-night snacks at some counters.

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5- Pre-wedding parties

There are many pre-wedding parties like engagement parties, bridal shower, bachelor’s party, pool parties, DJ parties etc. This is not so limited to youngsters only. 

Now arranging any private parties as per their groups are trendy.  Old people can have their own set of parties and games, elders can have their cocktail parties. 

Youngsters can have their bachelor’s party, DJ party, pool party, neon party etc. and for children, special sets of outdoor and customized games like balloon shooting, jumping jacks, ring and bowl etc and food stalls like popcorn, cotton candy, ice-cream etc are trendy. 

Just ask your wedding planner to arrange and propose best theme parties option.

6- Awesome open Bar

Choosing an open bar, to add glamour to your wedding events is a nice option. It will recreate the charm of your meals and happiness during event occasions. 

Choose a signature drinks or specialized menu to make your guests dance on the floor.

 An open bar with some spicy and delightful snacks all around can never let your event craze down.

7- More than just a cake

Good food and better presentation always wins the heart of guests. Some sweets can add more sweetness to your wedding when you add your dessert menu just more than a cake. 

Try to include some local sweets & desserts, cupcakes, puddings and what your culture is more through into your meal desserts.

8- After party

If you plan to extend your reception hours or moving the celebrations to the other venues or in bar, it’s nice to give your guests an option of partying even after 10 p.m.

Your guests have travelled a long distance to be with you and so spending some more quality time with them will boost their happiness and excitement for the wedding day.

9- Theme based music and dance night

Grand celebrations don’t just require grand money to spend. You can also enjoy any occasions with some unique and fresh ideas. 

In every wedding, entertainment, dance and music is common but being a wedding planner try to apply some theme based music night like award function night, karaoke night, unplugged night, sufi night, qawalli night etc. 

Theme based functions are one of best tips for planning a wedding, grand and marvelous. 

10- Some extrasss in wedding

Don’t make your guests feel like attending any wedding of 1980’s time. They should feel energetic to break the dance floor and make each day of wedding event moments to memories. 

Try to inculcate more unique extrasss in wedding occasions like bride-groom sports competition, pool party, carnival, festivals celebrations, games, bachelor’s party etc.

11- Couple’s dress

Matching up with the dresses and that’s even of couple can take the photography to the pro level. 

It can create a backdrop in itself. Also today it has started as a trend to colors match the wedding attire not only among guests but couples too.

12- Gorgeous flowers

Flowers always spread the smile. No matter what the age is, who the person is and where the person is.

There are millions of variety and colors of flowers which we can add into wedding décor. Floral décor at home and seating arrangements are best when guest are around. 

Use the fresh flowers with some inbuilt fragrance or sprinkle some perfume over it whether it is local or international variety.

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13- Customized props

Today the choices are customized among many things. It’s a good idea to make something unique to glad your guests during your wedding events. 

There are many agencies that provide numerous customized props and elements that can add a glitter to your overall occasions. 

Props like customized bride-groom side broche, Wooden letter with couple’s name, acrylic letters with bright lights, backdrops, furnitures, floral or crystal garlands etc.  

14- Couple’s entry

This is one of the best parts any wedding planner can work for. Making moments to memories are not just a words, the grand and sparkling couple entry can set on the eyes of each and every guests on couple. 

Set meeting with your vendors every season to carry out something grandeur than last couple entries.

15- Fireworks

Fireworks always add sparkle to the moments. Whether it’s a couple entries, musical night, game winning moments, dance party or any celebrations. 

It is also a fact that some of fireworks harms environment but today world has invented many harmless products like confetti, paper ribbon shots, cold pyros, flower petal shots etc. 

Make an effective use of this  products as per moments. Fireworks can lit up your wedding for some memorable shots and can be your one of favorite tips for planning a wedding. 

Some FAQ's

Q- What are the steps to planning a wedding?

There are some best steps for planning a beautiful wedding.

1- Set a flexible budget

2- Beautiful Invitation

3- Guest’s RSVP

4- Venue selection 

5- Choose best Catering for guests

6- Reliable astrologer

7- Choose marvelous decoration and floral work

8- Hiring a pro Artist and celebs

9- Arrange for guest’s welcoming and logistics

10- Sparkling couple entries

11- Adorable photography for memories

12- Technical support for smooth functions

13- Management team to manage chaos.

14- Updated checklist

15- Special goodies for guests

(Read the full details on this at : How to organize wedding events)


Q- What should be kept in mind when planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding event is not so rocket science. It just requires a good and tough planning before making steps of booking vendors. Some necessary point should be kept in mind while planning weddings like:

-        Prepare a flexible budget

-        Make budget occasions wise.

-        Choose a filtered out vendors

-        Prepare a checklist

-        Update checklist at-least 21 days before wedding day.

-        Keep follow up with your booked vendors.

-        Hire wedding planners

-        Inculcate some new ideas into wedding functions

-        Make your function elements ready 3-4 hours before it gets start.


Q- How much do wedding planners make on average?

Income of wedding planner differs according to knowledge, expertise, experience, networking, country, business profile and negotiation skills.

On an average, wedding planners makes monthly INR 20,000 -40,000 with 2-4 years of experience and an average of  monthly INR 35,000 – 60,000 with 5 years of experience and above.


Q- When should you start planning your wedding?

Basically, a wedding planning depends on the scope of elements you wish to add to your wedding cart. 

A good budgeted wedding takes an average of 6 months of planning, a basic wedding takes 3-4 months of planning, a destination wedding requires 1 year of planning, a royal wedding requires 12-15 months of planning.

Hire or consult any wedding planner at-least 1 year before for any type of your wedding. They can guide you out much better to plan your wedding systematically.

Above article was helpful  for getting some amazing tips for planning a wedding. I hope you liked it. 

If you want to add some more elements in this article then feel free to comment in the comment box :) Happy reading !

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